We create optimal
living spaces

Our history

Our roots lie in architecture, design and planning, and we are innovative by nature. Since 2007, we at Creis have been designing buildings and building structures, and it was our experience and desire to revolutionise the concept of the home that led us to conceive and create Mobu.

Mobu storia

Our values

icona innovazione

We seek materials and solutions that go beyond the traditional concept of the building and offer tangible advantages to those who design, build and live in buildings

icona affidabilita

We oversee projects from concept to execution, supporting clients each step of the way. We use only professional materials capable of guaranteeing high performance.

icona esperienza

We have been designing and building various types of environments with professionalism and innovation since 2007.

Mobu is a modular design and construction system that springs from years of research and experience in the construction industry.

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