Design and estimate

Of course. The original plan will be effectively adopted to the Mobu construction system.

Choosing a Mobu home grants clients access to a wide range of relief measures, from those relating to a high energy class, to those relating to materials and systems, and finally, to those that may be activated to foster the use of environmentally sustainable materials.

Its advanced construction system is what makes this possible. Each component of a Mobu home is designed to be built in the factory and then assembled on site. This method entails a precise advance calculation of materials: this is why, once the specifications have been drawn up, the production and assembly times and costs are accurate.

The first steps are conducting a geological and geothermal survey of the plot of land in question and completing the bureaucratic formalities with support from the Mobu team. The plans are then drawn up. Mobu's professionals can handle this whole process, or they can work from an existing firm's design. Once these stages of the process are done, Mobu will be able to provide the clients with thorough, complete project specifications.

A Mobu home can be completely personalised and customised for the client. The client can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes: external cladding and interior finishes, doors and windows, stairs, parapets, etc. Essentially all non-structural parts of the building can be personalised to a very high level.

Construction system and adaptability

The concrete foundation is the only part of the home not made using the dry method. It is built according to calculations regarding the nature and properties of the land and the size of the building.

Thanks to its structural characteristics, extreme adaptability, possibility for personalisation, high energy yield and guaranteed living performance, Mobu can be used to construct buildings intended for all uses: residential, commercial, office, hospitality, wellbeing, private or public.

A Mobu home is a dry construction and can thus be modified. Through procedures that entail relatively little disruption, the walls can be lengthened, new windows can be added, interior spaces can be changed and technical and energy systems can be replaced.

Mobu modular buildings can be constructed anywhere. Each component is designed to be transported in containers and assembled anywhere in the world. The materials and approaches used ensure that they are suited and hold up to all climatic conditions.

The structural system used in Mobu homes offers a number of concrete advantages over more widespread traditional solutions. The materials used ensure: - Greater durability and resistance to water and moisture than wood. - Healthier environments. - Lower costs than concrete. - Greater insulation ability than bricks.

Materials and warranties

Mobu buildings are earthquake-resistant by nature. The dry construction method, based on steel structural elements, is an ideal anti-seismic solution.

All materials used for the construction, finishing and completion of Mobu homes can be recycled. The solutions and systems favour optimal energy performance, thus ensuring a very high level of environmental sustainability, such as the reduction of processing waste to a minimum.

The rockwool used for exterior walls features a fibrous composition that keeps the wall ventilated and always dry. A beneficial effect reinforced by the external layer with supports, which ensure that the external finishing cladding is detached from the home, thus allowing air to circulate and providing protection from moisture. In addition, all Mobu homes have a controlled mechanical ventilation system and ensure air circulation with a heat recovery system.

All materials and parts used in construction, where recovered prior to their natural "expiry", can enjoy a second life and can thus also be sold.

The use of highly innovative materials ensures durability well beyond that offered by traditional homes. In addition, thanks to dry construction, all components can be easily replaced over time.

All parts of a Mobu home are built in the factory. In addition to the certainty of high quality implicit in industrial production standards, they come with a specific warranty. Components of industrial origin come with a warranty from the manufacturer, among the most respected on the market. Mobu also provides a ten-year warranty on the whole building, in accordance with the law. Finally, Mobu homes meet the requirements for authoritative international LED certification regarding the sustainability of the products used to build the home and tied to the achievement of very high standards in various areas, such as the quantity and ability to dispose of waste materials.

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