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What is dular ilding?

Designing projects more easily, building safely and peace of mind in use: this is modular building. Mobu is an unprecedented dry construction system based on easy, stable and safe assembly of building components. Versatile and dynamic, it can be used to build all kinds of buildings.

  • Certain times and costs
  • Modular system, versatility of design
  • Speed of construction
  • Living comfort
  • Maximum security
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The steel structure is the framework for an earthquake-resistant building that ensures optimal construction safety. Steel is a ductile material, resistant to tearing, breaking and yielding. It is relatively light and, through galvanizing, ensures protection and optimal resistance to corrosive agents.

Advantages of the system

Speed of construction

All elements of the building are factory-manufactured to industrial standards and assembled at the site, thus reducing construction times and waste, while also ensuring a precise completion date.

Certain costs

The materials calculated and used in modular systems allow for precise planning of expenditures, with a clear decrease in waste. The light weight of the structures lower the costs of foundations, excavation volumes and pouring.

Versatility of design

Each project is different and meets its future owner's needs. Modular systems are versatile: various combinations are possible, without size limits.

Energy performance

The application of advanced techniques and the integration of cutting-edge technologies into the construction system enable excellent energy and environmental performances.

Living comfort

Thanks to the advanced construction technique and materials used, Mobu buildings ensure a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, an optimised heating and air-conditioning system that is perfectly integrated into the structure and healthy environments free of humidity.

Maximum security

Mobu buildings are earthquake-resistant by nature. The dry construction method, based on steel structural elements, is an ideal antiseismic solution.

Building with an eye to the future

Choosing a Mobu building offers a wide range of advantages, ensuring peace of mind in your home.

From construction to end-of-life, modular building is an approach oriented towards sustainability. Mobu's dry technology and construction sites do not ruin the landscape, and a high recovery rate is possible.


Steel is 100% recyclable

Steel structures can be disassembled, reassembled and, once they have served their purpose, fully recycled, thereby ensuring value over time.


High thermal insulation

The steel structure raises the walls from the ground, ensuring that they are thermally insulated.


Healthy environments

The walls of all Mobu buildings are made from insulated materials, guaranteeing the creation of healthy, comfortable environments.

What sets apart from other construction systems?


Brick and mortar


Dry construction



Speed of construction
Anti-seismic performance
Structural versatility
Certain costs
Durability and yield
Traceability and control
Energy efficiency

Traditional method

  • Uncertain times and slow construction
  • Variable costs
  • High level of waste
  • High level of labour
metodo-tradizionale metodo-tradizionale


  • Certain times
  • Definitive costs
  • Minimal waste of materials
  • Industrial production
metodo-mobu metodo-mobu
What are the system's components?

Structural solidity and innovative materials. Discover how the system is assembled.

Discover the system's building components

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