Plans, certifications and guarantees

  • Architectural plan
  • Structural plan
  • Building energy certification
  • Seismic certification
  • Ten-year legal warranty


This 137-square-metre modern home is distinguished by its captivating design and L-shaped portico. With its contemporary style and well organised two floors, it offers a spacious, comfortable living environment. The L-shaped portico adds a touch of elegance, while providing a versatile outdoor space.

Main characteristics

Number of floors


Square metres (net floor space)


Square metres (gross floor space)




Model composition

Embed plates

Steel structure and frame

Wood ceilings and roof

Insulated, ventilated roof

Insulated exterior walls

Tiled roof

Prices (unfinished) starting from:

167.485,00 €

What does "unfinished" mean?

The following are not included:

Title filing

Foundation and underground services


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This modern home is perfect for those seeking a functional residence with a captivating design that promises comfortable living and makes the most of outdoor spaces.


Example floor plan for the model

Although every home needs to be custom-designed to meet the client's needs and preferences, the proposed site plan is an example that could be helpful as a source of new design ideas and inspirations.

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Reasons to live in a home

Choosing a Mobu home offers a wide range of advantages, such as solid construction due to the use of steel structural elements, a high level of living comfort due to excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and shorter construction times due to manufacture in the factory and assembly on site.

Solid construction and higher quality standards

Solid construction is a fundamental aspect to ensuring the safety and durability of any building. The use of steel structural elements contributes significantly to the solidity of Mobu homes.

Greater living comfort

Thanks to the advanced construction technique and materials used, Mobu buildings ensure a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, optimised heating and air-conditioning systems that are perfectly integrated into the structure and healthy environments free of humidity.

Shorter construction times

All parts and elements of each building are manufactured in the company's factory to industrial standards and assembled on site. This process halves construction times and ensures a certain completion date.

Seismic guarantee

Mobu homes are earthquake-resistant by nature. The dry construction method, based on steel structural elements, is an ideal anti-seismic solution.

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